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How to buy perfume, that is good for you

Perfume shopping can be a very difficult decision, especially if you buy perfume, so your friend or lover. Different people have different choice of perfume. In addition, each creates a fragrance smell differently to the different skin types. Therefore when buying fragrance, we must have a good research and try before making the final decision.

There are hundreds of brands and the scent of thousands of fragrances on the market today. If you have never bought fragrance and especially not sure which are fragrance for you or your friend, you should smell the website of online test or ask your friend to see this is the fragrance that the most popular People use. Then you can try it in large, on your skin.

-- Evaluating and testing scents

There are 2 ways you can try perfume or directly on the skin, spray or the scent of the extinguisher. Now it's both pros and cons of these two methods, if you have a single method.

In Test your skin, you will be in a position to know exactly how does it smell on the skin, but you can not try too many different types of scent simply because all fragrances, you are trying, after the first , Mixes for the first and you will not have the smell of these scents.

In testing the scent of extinguisher, you can inject at the various cards and write down the name of the scent back on these maps. But this test method is not exactly how he feels on the skin.

The best way is to try to smell the extinguisher first, then choose the smell that you love, and trying to your skin, you can smell that you love, and the right fragrance for your skin .

Type of scents

There are 4 types of fragrance. Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and fragrance. They are at least to concentrate so concentrated, and thus the various price.

Eau de Cologne (EDC) is the name, the fragrance today for a solution to a complex of 3% in a base of oil and water. It is the lightest of scents and therefore cheaper.

Eau de Toilette (HAE) - is a fragrance with a solution of 3-8% in an oil-water base. It is a little more expensive.

Eau de Parfum (EDP) is a fragrance with a solution of 10-15%.

The fragrance is the greater concentration of oils, with 20-50%, making it longer than others and the most expensive.

Size Fragrance

The fragrance is packaged in various sizes. In Europe and the United States, the smell usually measures taken by Oz, in Australia or in other countries, we 1oz per ml equivalent to 30 ml (1oz ~ 30ml). In most cases, usually the size 50ml, 75ml or 100 ml If the scent for the first time, the small bottle with the first try. If you are already provides that smell and you really love, then go ahead and buy the big bottle because they are usually better price-performance ratio.

There are some small sample bottle called on the map or mini-bottle and the bottles are usually processes. It is a good idea for you to take this first procedure to test before going on the market before buying a large bottle.

Where to buy fragrances

Well, you know, brand, type and size of the smell that you love, and better suited for you. It is time to magasiner for the best price. Today, fragrances online shops selling fragrance usually at a better price than most large retail stores or the sale, because they are not to use a lot of staff and to pay the rent on a large shopping center. Perfume online stores can also be used in a wider variety of brands and keep a little difficult to find the scent.

The purchase of a right fragrance can be a very difficult decision, but if you get enough of duties, I am sure that the best perfume for themselves. Next article, we will share with you on the way to carry and store fragrance.

The fragrance in ancient Egypt

Perfume was in the center of aesthetics and treatment for men and women in ancient Egypt, although the techniques are used for most not registered the historians to the Greek and Roman literature writers and the help of colors and objects to determine the production moods and the use of fragrance in this fascinating time.

The fact that the fragrance was seen as a form of art in ancient Egypt The tradesman was as an artist, and the profession is to women and men. The process of drawing up the collection of scents can relief’s on the walls of the tombs of Petosiris. These show that the smell had an inspector, workers and the extraction, and a professional tester, the testing done by the smell.

The relief’s also the image detail two methods will be extracted. The first process has shown an old procedure for obtaining mechanical, is comparable with the production of wine. This required a large bag and two employees who were used as a press release. The second was a form of chemical production with the help of heat and the insertion into alcohol. The processes are the first versions of the modern techniques for extracting scent, are not really progressed in terms of available hardware and synthetic ingredients.

The show also paid relief’s red berries in a container in which the details of the nature of the products used to the different scents. The ingredients are used in the fragrance of the rule of plant origin such as henna and cinnamon. The former natural philosopher Pliny the Elder floral folders as the iris, bit, by shrubs and other aromatic tar almonds and read in its natural history as much. The myrrh is a resin wood was used. Animal fats such as musk are also considered in certain perfumes. Some Egyptian recipes, there are, but they are difficult to reproduce.

But the Egyptians had mostly exotic flavors, better educated and with the inclusion of the essences, they have also imported as aromatic Ladanum Arabia and East Africa, galbanum of Persia, and incense coveted because of experiments, to develop, in the Egyptian climate. The fact that the ingredients have been imported, even in ancient times, shows the importance of fragrance. The varieties were too expensive and initially only for the use of the gods, or only on exports.

Relief’s of excavations show that since ancient times the mixture and the amount of fragrance is also important that the duration of the odor. The fragrance is document main export products in ancient times with different countries are fighting for the highest quality. Susinum was a favorite, and the kind of competitive situation shows that in ancient times, a certain uniformity and standard expected. Pliny the Elder Egyptian describes a fragrance, its smell after 8 years, botanists and Greek, Dioscorides, Egypt has decided that the fragrance is much higher than that of other civilizations.

Egyptians fragrances are usually the name of the city on the production or the main component the storage in glass or stone vessels with the coveted alabaster. The decoration is often decorated and bejeweled, with packaging to the modern requirements of functionality and attractiveness. Perfume was burned, as the incense, whose name in the documents from the reign of Thutmose III, which the various varieties such as incense green and white. Perfume was for aesthetic reasons, in the form of liquid oil based infusions, or wax and fat content for the creams and the salvos. That is to think there was also a target medicines acknowledged.

Fragrance has served mainly to the elite of classes until the age of gold. It was built by the kings who were, it seems the descent of God, which we believed that the gods promoted fragrance. High officials have been anointed perfume, when they were appointed in the office, to win the favor of the gods.

Incense is used to the smell of animal victims during the ceremonies. Trees were as pharmaceuticals, that the scent was thought to the demons and the favor of the gods. Perfume was also an important part of the death and the burial rites. The corporation has, over fragrant mummification that it believed the soul, the gods, and the fragrance, where the demons. Interestingly, 3300 years after the death of Tutankhamun, odour detected, could be in his grave.

Facts, you should know about fragrance

Perfume (latin "through the smoke", the "through smoke") was very encouraged by the Egyptians, Romans and Arabs. In East Asia, perfumes incense was founded. The people have to do, the smells, spices and herbs such as bergamot, myrtle, coriander, resin from pine trees, and almonds. The use of flowers was only after Avicenna, an Iranian doctor and chemist has shown the process of distillation, the oils could be affected by flowers. In the year 1370, at the request of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, the first modern fragrance - "The Hungarians Water" was made possible by the mixing of fragrant oils solution in alcohol.

The composition of a perfume is of vital importance and is an expert known as Parfümeur, mainly essences such as rose, jasmine, cola, etc.; modifiers such as esters; mixers such as linalool and hydroxycitronellol Fixers and resins, wood perfume, Bernstein and databases. The fragrance is in a musical metaphor three "notes", that is, notes head (too fast drying and small molecules), such as citrus fruit and aromas of ginger; middle grades (from a slow evaporation of molecules medium size), like lavender and pink notes and fragrances, basic (consisting of slower evaporation of the larger molecules), as Fixers etc. All these notes work together like a musical instrument.

Perfume oils contain volatile in high concentrations and must therefore be diluted solvents, so that the damage was not caused when it directly on the skin or clothing. The municipality solvent is pure ethanol or ethanol mixed with water. Split coconut oil or wax, odorless, such as jojoba oil fats, can also be used as solvents and diluting the smell of oil. The fragrance oil is mixed with other aromatics. In general, the proportion of aromatic scent in the extract from 20% to 40% in water fragrance is from 10% to 30% in eau de toilette is 5% to 20% and in the waters of Cologne rose from 2% to 5%.

The oil in a concentration of perfume and other aromatic compounds, the intensity, persistence and the price of the scent, and therefore it is a strictly guarded secret, every scent and Parfümeur house. By setting the rate and the notes of the fragrance, variants of the same brand created in May, as for Chanel for the Lord and Mr. Concentree.

Classification of fragrances is never complete, because of its full development. The traditional division of the categories includes only flowers, bouquet, Ambery, Woody, leather, Cyprus, and Fougere, while the modern classification consists of Floral Bright, green, Oceania / ozone, Citrus / fruity and gourmets. In 1983, Michael Edwards, a fragrance consultant, has a new fragrance classification "The smell of wheels," the orderly and families together under five types, namely flowers (flowers, soft flowers, flowers Oriental), Oriental (soft Oriental, Oriental, Woody Oriental), Woody (wood, Mossy Woods, Woods Sec), Fougere (a scent of the elements of all families) and costs (Citrus, green, water).

Perfumery has initiated a number of sources, aromatic, such as plants, animals and synthetic sources used in the manufacture of perfumes. The plants are used as a source of flavor and essential oils. The parts of plants that are used are the following:

1 - Bark (cinnamon, cascarilla);
2 - The flowers (rose, jasmine, Osmanthus, Tuberous, Mimose, vanilla);
3 - Blossoms (citrus, ylang-ylang, cloves);
4 - The fruits (apples, strawberries, cherries, Litsea cubeba, the juniper berries, vanilla, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits);
5 - The leaves and twigs (Lavender, Patchouli, citrus fruit, violets, sage, rosemary, hay, tomatoes);
6 - resins (labdanum, myrrh, benjoin rubber tree of Peru, incense / Oliban, pine, fir, Bernstein, copal);
7 - roots, tubers and rhizomes (roots, Vetiver, ginger and iris rhizomes);
8 - seeds (coriander, cocoa, Macis, cardamom, anise, nutmeg, caraway, tonka beans);
9 - Woods (Agar wood, birch, rosewood, sandalwood, pine, birch, juniper, cedar).

Animal sources Grey Ambra, castoreum, musk, Rome terpenes, nest bee and Civet. Other natural resources include the lichen and protistes. Synthetic sources of synthetic odorisants synthesized from distillates of oil, resins, pine, etc. are for the most modern fragrances produced from sources, because it allows synthetic fragrances not in the way Calone is a synthetic, was a seaman Ozonous metal scent. Aromatic synthetic aromatic are, of course, and are therefore now largely in the modern scents.

Interesting facts about fragrances

The life is always associated with the use of scents. In the old days by charging people to marry the need, perfumes civil society in the near future.

Natural odorisants smells like sandalwood or musk preferred shares. In the present context of world trade and illegal because the species in danger odorisants natural aroma replaced by synthetic substances. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Aromas of musk as natural ingredients are extremely complex and were not imitate by aromatic synthetic musk compounds such as nitro or musk compounds macrocycliques. On the other hand, the synthetic flavors such as ozone, sea water, metal, etc., not parallel olfactory relationship, in odorisants.

So, today, with modern technology for the production of fragrances and aromas of synthesis, new categories have been created. Categories can be described as: 1 - Bright Floral - very popular and almost everyone and all occasions, 2 - Woody - it refreshing scent of the forest, 3 - green - he has a light fragrance and is responsible for the clothing, 4 -- Oceanic - it is very popular among the younger generation, 5 - Spicy fruit - a good choice for tropical climate or in the summer, 6 - Oriental - it is for special occasions. Smells of spices.

It is very important that the composition of fragrances, because the right combination of scents (Rose, jasmine, cola), modifiers (Ester), mixers (Linalool, hydroxycitronellol) and Fixers (such as resins, the scent of wood and yellow), Can the unique smell of the brand, the fragrances are known, and when required. Some famous brand of perfume are:

1 - Eau de Cologne (1709)
2 - Chanel No. 5 (1921)
3 - YSL Opium (1977)
4 - Azzaro Pour Homme (1978)
5 - Anais Anais (1979)
6 - Christian Dior Poison (1985)
7 - Calvin Klein Eternity (1988)
8 - Gucci Envy (1997)
9 - YSL Nu (2001)
10 - Rose 31 (2006)

Even the conservation of scents is of vital importance because it is worse if the negligence. Previously, all the perfumes come in bottles with closure. This affected the scent bottles for about a year. How it was used, the level of fragrance bin, and it was out oxygen in the empty space of the bottle. That finally changed the scent of smell. The heat, light, oxygen and contamination of organic matter, others have distorted the fragrance. This allows the bottles made of glass, although very decorative, was the light, and contributed to the deterioration of the odor.

It is now a known fact that the light watertight aluminum bottles for the conservation of fragrances, especially if they are chilled at low temperature 3 to 7 degrees Celsius. The oxygen in the bottle is not completely removed, but it can be minimized by the use of roles instead of opening the bottles. In addition, reducing the oxygen exposure may be offset by the use of sprays.

Thus, almost all of modern time has come fragrance in the evaporator, isolate the scent to the mix outside of oxygen, skin, waste and dust, making the life of the quality of the olfactory scent.

Allergies and fragrances

There are some elements that are in preparation for the whole fragrance. If you are a perfume, which should be able to understand what the fragrance manufacturer shows on the bottle. To the right choice, it is good to know what you're looking for. No one can eat only food is not clearly identified, but many people are unsure of their fragrance of the ingredients or the methods of preparation that they create. This is particularly important in modern times, where the pollution increased the sensitivity and allergies.

First, the concentrate assembly of perfume that you choose has a strong influence on allergies. If the intolerance the ingredients that cause the smell, then you can control, leading to a degree. This mixture is concentrated below is located in the waters of Cologne, with a maximum of 5% pure fragrance. This means that any reaction is minimal compared to other power, the smells. The next resistance is lower the scent Eau de toilette, at a concentration of between 4% and 10% of fragrances. The Eau de Parfum is between 8% and 15% of fragrances, then that any mention of the smell is strongest at between 15% and 25% pure power ingredients.

All fragrances should the level of energy on the packaging. Make sure you are aware of the strength and try to turn a light, if you have side effects. If you have a reaction to all these forces, then you have to other factors.

Another reason behind an allergy or reaction May, the ingredients in the smell the smell cause. Sometimes synthetic fragrance contains synthetic additives. These synthetic fragrances are created to imitate nature, a smell, but can be easily controlled. Some ingredients are evanescence’s or of short duration, etc. synthetic used to the smell have more stamina. They also increase the life of the smell, such as synthetic ingredients have a longer life. The scent and its components are tested in May or an adverse reaction to certain holders of fragrance. If this is the case, while the scents of natural ingredients.

May, it is not the smell, the reaction, but the ingredients. If you have an allergy, the freight forwarder, the smell of alcohol, natural fragrance is your best choice. They are either labeled as "natural" or "Botany" and these fragrances are always easy to find. The reason is the growing interest for the global environment and health. Natural smell of oil and on the basis of water and contains no synthetic ingredients. This reduces the risk of allergic reactions. They have many advantages in the sense that the smell is often organic and environmentally friendly too. But the disadvantage is that the smell does not last as long as the synthesis of species, a small price to pay, but for the well-being.

Finally, allergy to take effect in maybe because of the natural ingredients that is in the perfume. It is a misconception that all natural things are safe and good for you, but in reality this is not necessarily true. Most natural oils in its pure form is not refer directly contact with the skin, because they would be. If some pure oils have an adverse effect on you, make sure that you not only does not contain fragrance. If you suddenly smell an intolerance that you have used to consider other factors in your environment, such as a change of temperature, diet or even washing powder.

The best thing to do when buying fragrance is ensure that you are aware, ingredients, and set the purchase depending on what your skin type. If you do not suffer a reaction of the scent, consider the remarks at the top and try to determine the cause. Once the cause is found, it may be, by choosing a perfume that is good for you.

Practical advice on how to choose a good smell

The fragrance is considered one of the must-haves status for any person aware of every society. Was the beginning of the high-class society than a high-end accessories, but later, it is now available also for the communities person in the society. In modern times, the use of fragrance is almost essential, he added, the possibility that a human personality.

The history and background of the fragrance can be used again in ancient Egypt. The word "Perfume" was invented by the combination of two Latin words as "from" (through) and "smoke" (smoke). The art was to do perfumes in ancient Egypt, but it has the Romans and Arabs, which is then improved. There are many procedures in these days to the modern "scents, but the most general extraction of oil from flowers, by distillation was examined by a doctor of the Iranian name Avicenna.

Normally, the right formulas to make the scents and smells are confidential treatment by the designer of houses, but a little scent of suitably qualified experts to ensure the ingredients, the components and the origins of perfumes and fragrances. Currently, there is in France, the European fragrance industry and trade, and the "perfumes" is one of the potentially profitable in the world.

How to use the right fragrance?

Choose the right smell and fragrance is always difficult for the client that the market is conquered by numerous cosmetic fragrances and fragrance brand new every day. Now, one day, the smells and fragrances are available in various flavors and ingredients. They are produced and offered in bottles in various shapes and sizes according to the needs of the customer target group. Although the visit of a shop for cosmetics, a customer is often confusing, what could be the right one for him? However, there are some guidelines if it can help, followed by confused customers, their doubts and select the right fragrance for them.

They are as follows:


Try different scents and smells to know what your skin better. There are no two fragrances as smell, taste and smell. Therefore, what more may not necessarily to you. Do not blindly follow the brand of perfume. It really pays to try different odors, before he opts for one.


To have a fragrance, contains new smells and makes you attractive and impressive. Ask your best friend (preferably female) to give his opinion about the smell that you try. Often, it is the other person who can tell you which fits well with you.

Ingredients and flavors:

Parts can be selected, with different ingredients and flavors. They are the different categories of fragrance as woody scent, taste of fruits, flowers smell, taste ocean, green and the scent of oriental scent. Normally, each of these fragrances is for a man or a woman according to their personal preferences. However, you can always go to the best in your personality and lifestyle.

The climate and season:

Although the choice of a perfume, you've got to the climate and season. What happens in the best winter May not good enough, even in summer? Therefore it is extremely important, the smell, justice and the climate in your skin.

In addition, the fragrances should be about the possibilities and festivals. For example, a particular scent May as ideal for a birthday party you join, but when it comes to a meeting room that you choose another.

Perfumes for men and women

If you want people to think that you're beautiful, attractive and well, then the easiest way to do this, choose the good scent.

Since its foundation in the history of mankind, cosmetics have always played different roles, in people. The smells are one of the use of cosmetics, even if they are not made of plastic from today. But the fact remains that in ancient times, the fragrances were in the context of ritual ceremonies. At the time of herbs, spices and wood as cinnamon, Fenugreek and Kardamomen were hurriedly in cash for the manufacture of perfume.

The word "perfume" is originally a latin word "parfumare" meaning "by the smoke." Archaeological research, the notion of fragrance came from Egypt. Of course, followed by other Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Romanians and especially the World main daily in their lives.

Even in the ancient culture of fragrances women were investigated case, in today's world there are so many versions of both men and women of scents. Some of the big brands are scent of men: Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tommy Hilfiger and the end of the week for men and much more.

Be the scent of brand by him not as a fragrance. There are men’s styles, the fragrance of their mood. It is the smells, with their working time, such as the company, half or occasional services occasional odors. Some of the brand perfumes for men are Sean John, Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and those are the elected perfumes for international company’s getup. Although some Armani perfumes of companies with the woody aromas, so that the Calvin Klein fragrances will be more attractive with a heavy masculine touch.

Hugo Boss was also a great brand, both for its expenses, and the class. You do not have to win as a head of the leadership of Hugo Boss, but it is certainly everything in the world of fragrance!

There is a whole range of the obligation to carry scents to the festival freaks, passionate motorcyclists or those who smell a big even at the weekend: weekend for the men, but is a new brand, has a selection of perfumes, Weekend of the sensual. Hugo Boss new collections with Aqua elements are always advisable, for the occasional traffic. For motorcyclists and fans of car racing - Ferrari, DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger are among the major choice.

Where a woman has the smell? The answer is simply where they want to be kissed! We can not speak, perfumes, if we are not talking about women. Fragrances play an important role in the sensuality of women.

All data for a woman prefers when it comes to Christian Dior perfumes are in the collection: the adored Dior Addict and have been on the market over a longer period of time. For women who are a little soft and the smell want, nor a smell from behind the sense of smell, it is recommended that the latest collection of Burberry fragrances and if the sensuality is something that your partner is attracted to by Nina Ricci spring-summer collection. The other scents to choose are Escada, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger or exclusive in its collections daughter, if you want to accompany them on a car race.

Apparently, a bottled fragrance in combination with the natural smell a smell distinctive personality also you only have a brand of perfume to your signature style perfect for days and weeks. Last but not least, you must not bear to smell the sweat clothes in the body odors; it makes the neighborhood to the personnel unbearable. Parts, as the saying says, as a homage to the gods in order to spray, if you are clean.